The Special Olympics sports offer

A range of skills for every sport. Technical exercises for athletes, compiled by our sports professionals. Visually presented in short videos. This is the Special Olympics Challenge – a exercise package from Special Olympics.

The Challenge was developed during the pandemic to encourage athletes to participate in sports and exercise even in a time without competitions. Fortunately, events are possible again. However, the Challenge still remains on offer, because these exercises can also be completed simply as training. Sports groups can now once more train together on a regular basis. Athletes can work on developing their technical skills and conditioning within their respective disciplines, and the Challenge also makes it very easy to try out new sports for those who want to. It also provides coaches with valuable educational training material.

What exactly is the Challenge?

The series

The Special Olympics Challenge will take place across different stages – the so-called “series”. Three to five sports, each featuring one skill (exercise), will be published per series. Each skill is presented in a short video, with an extensive factsheet providing the requisite details. Here you will find the first series:

Skills – technical exercises for every sport

The Special Olympics sports experts have compiled educationally useful and technically sophisticated exercises – the skills – for every sport. The skills feature both simple and complex exercises. They can be practised indoors or outside. These are motivational skills that enable athletes to get back to playing their sport, train regularly and enjoy social contact with their team members. The skills also assist coaches in the athletic development of their athletes.

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