Basketball Skill 1

Basketball Skill 1


A team consists of three players. One is the shooter (A); the two other players catch the rebounding balls and pass them to the thrower. The shooter positions themselves with a ball on the outermost edge of the free-throw circle. The two other players (B and C) stand in the free-throw area: B is the passer and has a ball. C is the rebounder and doesn’t have a ball.

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Once the coach blows the starting whistle, the shooter (A) dribbles the ball to one of the elbows (left or right) of the three-second zone, marked with a cross. Once at the cross, A stops and shoots at the basket. They then run to the other elbow, where they receive a pass from B. In the meantime, C catches the rebounding ball and passes it to B. Player A continuously moves between the two elbows and receives a pass from B each time. A stops and shoots at the net.

After 60 seconds, the drill is paused and the players swap roles (the shooter becomes the rebounder, the
rebounder becomes the passer, and the passer becomes the shooter). After a 30-second break, the drill is
continued with the new roles for an additional 60 seconds. Once the second round has been concluded, the
players once more change roles and the drill is continued for the final 60 seconds. By the end, each player has
taken a turn as shooter, passer and rebounder.
The drill lasts 3 x 60 seconds.


This skill trains the ability to throw the ball while running and also helps improve the team’s shoot-reboundpass


  • 3 points when the ball lands in the basket.
  • 1 point if the ball doesn’t land in the basket but touches the hoop.
  • If the ball doesn’t hit anything or only the backboard or the outside of the net, no points are awarded.
  • The result for this skill is calculated by adding up the points achieved by the three players during the three phases of play. It is the team result that counts, not the individual player’s.


  • The shooter must shoot from the elbow (max. approx. 50 cm from the apex of the free-throw circle).
  • They must alternate shots from each elbow.
  • If the player misses the pass, they must retrieve the ball and continue the drill.
  • If the ball has left the shooter’s hands at the end of the 60-second play period, the shot is counted.
  • The three players must take turns in the three different roles.
  • The start and end of the 60 seconds are indicated by the coach.


  • Tape to mark the shooting spots (elbows) with a cross
  • 2 size-7 basketballs for men (size 6 for women and young people up to the age of 11)
  • Stopwatch
  • Whistle

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