Cycling Skill 1

Cycling Skill 1


This skill is all about completing a circuit of the slalom course as quickly as possible.


This skill helps athletes to choose the optimum racing line, and trains their orientation and balance skills as well as their agility in negotiating the slalom, among other things.


The result is based on the time required to complete the course from start to finish. The timer is stopped once the front tyre touches the finish line.


  • The dimensions and distances can be seen on the diagram and must be adhered to exactly.
  • The athletes must start from a complete stop; it is permitted to support athletes using clipless pedals.
  • Both an acoustic and a visual start signal must be used.
  • The demarcation cones must be cycled around with both tyres, without the tyres coming into contact with the cones.
  • No penalties are incurred if the athlete touches the cones with their foot.


  • Start/finish line (sticking tape where required)
  • six colored demarcation cones or discs (do not use slalom poles or marking rods)
  • Stopwatch

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