Special Series Football: Skill 1 Speed Dribbling

Special Series Football: Skill 1 Speed Dribbling


The player has one minute to complete the skill. They must complete a slalom course by dribbling the ball around the poles or cones as quickly as possible. They must leave the ball behind the finishing line (the ball must come to a complete stop) and then sprint back to the starting point. If there is enough time remaining, the player then takes a second ball and dribbles it through the slalom. When the minute is up, a whistle is blown to indicate the end of the test.


This skill helps to train a player’s dribbling ability and speed with the ball.


For every pole or cone the player manages to dribble the ball around (from the outside), they receive five points (this means there are 25 points in total for each completed slalom course). Poles or cones that are knocked over do not count.


  • Dribbling slalom over 12 m: five posts, cones or poles (at least 45 cm in height), spaced 2 m apart and positioned 50 cm from the centre line.
  • Five balls at the starting point.

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If you have any questions regarding this skill, we will be happy to assist you: challenge@specialolympics.ch

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