Tennis Skill 1

Tennis Skill 1


This skill measures how long it takes a player to pick up five balls with their hand and carry them back individually to a predefined point (their racket). The racket is placed on the ground with its head in the centre of the baseline. Five balls are distributed around the court (see diagram). The stopwatch is started when the player starts running, and is stopped when the fifth ball touches the strings of the racket on the ground. Only one ball can be carried per run.


The focus is on training the athletes’ orientation skills, speed and coordination.


To measure this skill, you will need a stopwatch. The result must be logged in the table supplied. Points are awarded according to time. 


  • The balls are distributed in accordance with the diagram.
  • The skill is executed in the same way by all participants.
  • There are two attempts, and the better of the two point-scores is noted down.


  • Five tennis balls
  • One tennis racket
  • One stopwatch

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