Upload of the results of the Challenge

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The upload for the coach and the participants of the challenge is done in two steps.

Please note that the login area is in German. If you need assistance, please contact challenge@specialolympics.ch.

Step 1 – Sign in

  • Log in to the login area
  • Keep the login area window open and go back to the skills page

Step 2 – Upload the results

  • Choose the skill where you registered yourself and your team
  • Click on the corresponding link for the chosen skill and fill in the form
  • Enter the contest result

After successful registration you will receive a confirmation email.

It is important that you remain logged in to the login area so that the system can accept the participants’ data for registration.

1. Log in to the login area

and afterwards

2. Choose skill and enter results

1.) Aquatics – Floatation7.) Floorball – Stick Handling
2.) Athletics – Pendulum Run8.) Golf – Short Putt
3.) Basketball – Speed dribble 9.) Petanque – In the traffic
4.) Boccia – Two Pallinas10.) Tennis – Service Test
5.) Cycling – Pendulum Race 11.) Table tennis – Service
6.) Football – Touch the Ball

For questions or doubts, please feel free to contact challenge@specialolympics.ch.

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