Athletics Skill 1 – Point to point sprint

Athletics Skill 1 – Point to point sprint


Point to point sprint



This skill trains sprinting ability and boosts the athletes’ speed, agility and reaction times.


The time is recorded with a stopwatch and then logged


  • This exercise can be performed anywhere and on any surface: indoors our outside, on asphalt, on a hard court or on a lawn
  • The athletes begin from a standing start
  • as with standard sprinting, the athletes start on the command “on your marks – get set – go!”
  • The sprint is performed from left to right (see diagram), i.e. first 12m, then 10m, then finally 8m
  • the tree marks are touched in sequence
  • Once the athletes have touched the respective mark, they sprint back to the start, touch the start line, then sprint to the next mark
  • Once they have touched the third and final mark, they sprint to the finish line
  • The timer is stopped when the athlete crosses the start/finish line (max. 2m wide)


  • stopwatch
  • 3 cones
  • start/finish line

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